Arbidex is the uberisation of the cryptocurrency trading. Its blockchain-powered platform provides cryptocurrency traders with a much-needed solution. Arbidex enables traders to have only one single platform interface across different exchanges. It has raised 16 million USD. Cointelegraph has named Arbidex as one of the best solutions to facilitate access to the new assets. The ABX token is now listed at multiple crypto exchanges. had an exclusive interview with Arbidex CEO Kamilya Arslanova.

CryptoLepton: Could you briefly describe what ARBIDEX is?

Kamilya: Arbidex allows crypto traders to have all crypto assets under one single account across different major exchanges. Our system minimizes trading risks by leveraging liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges. It also fully supports automated arbitrage trading. Our platform is capable of analyzing thousands of crypto pairs and execute profitable trades via automated algorithms.

How did you come up with the idea to start ARBIDEX?

In 2017 we have started a fiat-to-crypto exchange service. Basically it was an investment fund in crypto. Since then, we have realized the need to maximize profit of our investors. That is how idea of Arbidex was born.

Could you tell us a little bit about the ARBIDEX team?

Our CBDO Nemanja Nikitovic has over 15 years of experience in creating and discovering tech innovations. Nemanja is a member of the London Business Continuity Institute. He has advised AXA Group entities on innovative cyber security, business enhancements, and continuity technologies.

Spiros Margaris is our senior advisor. He has more than 20 years of national and international experience in investment management/research for family offices, UHNWIs, HNWIs, and institutional clients.

Rustam Rafikov is our Head of Legal and Compliance. Prior to joining the Arbidex team, he has practiced law and provide legal services for multinational companies and private equity funds.

Could you describe the vision for ARBIDEX?

Arbidex aims to minimize trading and security risks while increasing asset liquidity. Meanwhile, we are determined to create a user-friendly trading platform integrated with largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

What value will ARBIDEX bring to its users?

Arbidex is making trading operations on cryptocurrency market convenient and profitable for each customer. That means every crypto transaction will be settled at the lowest rate. Moreover, all-in-one Arbidex KYC process eliminate the hassles of repeating ID verification in a variety of crypto exchanges.

How will ARBIDEX distinguish itself from other platforms?

There is no such platform in the crypto universe yet. Nevertheless, we are expect to see more competitive services in the near future. As of today we are the indisputable leader in what we are trying to do.

Can you tell us about important developments yet to come and why they are important?

We are planning to release the mobile app by the end of this year, and add more cryptocurrencies to SWT modes. In addition, more crypto exchanges will be integrated into our platform. Those development is absolutely essential. By the end of the day, user experience is the only thing we care as a crypto trading platform.


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