Blockchain Technology Summit, the premiere event featuring global experts on all things Blockchain, ICO and FinTech, announced its Summit will commence on August 24–25 at Hyatt Regency Shanghai, Wujiaochang.

The blockchain industry is growing exponentially and with the recent surge in bitcoin price, there is already a buzz of this technology. What’s interesting is unlike previous technologies, everyone aware of blockchain technology agrees that it is disrupting traditional business models. Apparently, this revolutionary technology has potential beyond the financial world. It is disrupting real estate world, energy industry, supply chain and public governance.

The Summit will also provide a platform for blockchain startups where they will showcase their disruptive technologies to various people. It will also discuss the innovation of blockchain and it awaits presence of nearly 1000 enthusiasts. The summit will bring the experts and leaders of the blockchain technology together and the key speakers are as follows:

  • Bill Yao – Founder of PPTV, Partner of BlueRun Ventures
  • Sandris Murins -Co-founder & Strategic Director of Iconiq Lab
  • Wayne Chu – MindWorks Ventures Investment Partner
  • Rong Chen – Co-founder of Elastos
  • Cory Skinner – CEO & Founder of RoadLaunch
  • Roy Li – Founder of Ruff Chain, Famous Hacker
  • Fubai Zhong – Co-founder of Nebulas
  • Haiyang Xu – Jinghang Blockchain CEO, Former Chief Architect at Baidu
  • Haifeng Liu – Chairman of STBChain, Founder of Blockchain Dreamworks
  • Mars – Founder & CEO of Yaofache
  • Haobo Ma – Founder of ælf, Founder and CEO of Hoopox
  • Peng Wu – CEO of Yuanben blockchain, co-founder of Primas
  • Hailin Wang – R&D Director of Taikang Online Internet Development
  • Sankalp Shangari – CEO & Founder of LaLa World
  • Garlam Won – CSO of TIP Blockchain
  • Sang H. Lee – CEO and co-founder of DarcMatter
  • Jiafeng Li – Senior Information Security Engineer of 360, Tutor of Butian

The fever of blockchain and decentralization is spreading globally. Top most organisations are working on the blockchain technology to encash the decentralization and tamper-proof usage of the distributed database. With an aim of moving towards a decentralized world where collaboration and incentivization will steer the ecosystem, the summit is providing the latest blockchain technologies and applications through its speakers, allowing attendees exceptional opportunities to be connected with top leaders of blockchain world. Some of the events to experience during the two-day summit include:

  • Cutting-edge Trends & Innovation
  • Blockchain Algorithm & Theory
  • Blockchain Technology Stack
  • Blockchain Architecture Practices
  • Digital Crypto Currency
  • Blockchain & Industry Applications
  • Blockchain & FinTech
  • Investment and Business Model

In short, this summit will share compelling case studies, proven best practices, effective engineering approaches, and exceptional skills around Blockchain, Digitally encrypt currency, Consensus mechanisms etc. BLC-Summit is a must-attend event for people who are CTOs, VPs of engineering, architects, tech leads.

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