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Accompanied by the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies market, we have seen an increasing trend in misleading information and biased coverage in blockchain news, due to conflict of interests and attempts of pump-and-dump schemes. CryptoLepton is an independent voice in blockchain news scope resolved to be the main distributor of accurate information in timely fashion while reflecting current sentiments of the crypto world. We have held to the highest ethical standards in journalism among our peers by implementing robust and critical mechanisms.

Golden Standards in Blockchain News - CryptoLepton Leads the Way

  • Unlike many other news outlets in blockchain, we have no association with any business entities. A selected 7-member editor council is in place for major decision-making at CryptoLepton.com
  • Our content incentive program (CIP) is designed in such a way to incentivize high quality content from our contributors and editors while providing the bread on their table. During each quarter, 60% of our profit is reserved for content incentive program (CIP), further divided into Profit-Sharing-Fund (PSF), Article-Amortization-Fund (AAF) and Editor-Fund (EF). Profit-Sharing-Fund (PSF) is evenly distributed to each contributor based on the quantity of his/her article during each quarter (a 3-month period). Article-Amortization-Fund (AAF) of Q1 is used to compensate the contributor during Q2 and Q3 in an amortized fashion. Editor-Fund (EF) allows 1% of our quarterly profit to be distributed to each editor.
  • Fiat currencies are not used in any aspect of our day-to-day operation. All revenue, profit and payouts will be conducted in ETH. Since all ETH addresses can be made public, we promise to provide absolute transparency to all contributors and editors at Cryptolepton. Profit-Sharing-Fund (PSF) is fully distributed at each quarter, while Article-Amortization-Fund (AAF) and Editor-Fund (EF) have a rollover mechanism, meaning the surplus of each quarter will pass onto the next one.

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